SAP CEO Speaks to Students

Pathway Helper Visits Assembly By Noah Mitchell It is not everyday that a CEO of a highly reputable company comes to take part in an interview hosted for students. Bill McDermott and his company SAP made an appearance in the auditorium to share stories and experiences from his […]

Students Continue to Protest Gun Violence

Speeches, poems mark renewed effort at awareness On March 20, Skyline students participated on the second national school walk-out to raise awareness against gun violence since the Parkland, Florida school massacre that triggered a youth protest movement. Although not every student participated in the rally the second time […]

Students Elect Adams as ASB President

Melesungu Ofa will be VP after hotly contested vote “My intentions for next year as the Skyline ASB president is to bring more opportunities for students to become more competitive for college, and enhance our student- teacher relationships, so that they are more positive, and that classes are […]

Mandarin Classes Eliminated

Admin cites lack of interest By Noah Mitchell Skyline has offered Mandarin classes for many years, but it seems like that will finally come to an end for the 2018-19 school year. Some students are upset that one of Skyline’s three world languages will no longer be taught […]