Students Continue to Protest Gun Violence

Speeches, poems mark renewed effort at awareness

On March 20, Skyline students participated on the second national school walk-out to raise awareness against gun violence since the Parkland, Florida school massacre that triggered a youth protest movement.

Although not every student participated in the rally the second time around, there was definitely enough people to send a message that the students and staff are fed up and are demanding change.

Leadership Vice President Avelina Rivezzo delivered a welcoming  and warm-hearted speech about gun violence and the safety of the school. Adrianna Villegas and Olive Blair followed by expressing concern for our school safety.

There was also a very captivating poem given by Nadia Brooks and a wonderful song given by Carlita Landrum.

Students were hoping to walk together after the rally to Joaquin Miller Park to form yet another rally, but school administration prevented them from leaving the school grounds. However, some students still decided to leave the campus. There were no reported incidents after this rally.   


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