Bizarre Ice Storm Causes Mayhem

Slippery roads prevent buses, parents & staff from arriving

By Janae German

You might expect for schools in New York and Chicago to have snow days, but when something similar happens in Oakland, no one expects it and no one is prepared. Ice covered the ground all over the Skyline campus and nearby parts of Oakland, which ended up causing mayhem for administrators, but a lot of fun for many students, but not for all.

Going to Skyline was the hardest thing any student or teacher could do while going up the treacherous hill covered with ice, sleet, and water. On Monday, April 16, students and teachers of Skyline had to suffer from traffic, slipping on ice, or staying at school from a abrupt and powerful hailstorm.

“I tried to get the administration to cancel school,” said Assistant Principal Carson.

The danger of students slipping and car accidents at Skyline was exceptionally high due to all the ice and sleet on the ground. This raised concern for the admins.

“School was like any other day. Anyone who didn’t come to school had an unexcused absence. There was also notices sent out to teachers to let them know what was happening,” said Ms. Bloom.

However, most classes throughout the day had only a handful of attendees.

Going up and down the hill was very dangerous for those who were driving or even walking. Cars started to hydroplane, which resulted in the traffic that drivers and passengers had to endure.

Students who were on the buses ended up walking home. Some students and teachers who walked down the hill ended up slipping on the ice.

“Being stuck in traffic was super boring,” said junior Alvin Yu when asked about his experience that day.

Some people might have been bored that day, but the students at Skyline found a way to make the best of the situation. Many of them played in the “snow”, an almost unheard occurrence here in the Bay Area.

“We made a snowman on the field,” said junior Elon Simon.

Some students just chilled in class. “We played Giant Uno and watched Anime in Frey’s class,” said senior Tavon Peace.

Some students even took part in creating the now infamous snow-penis drawing on the field that would end up on the news later that day, as seen from a hovering helicopter.

For students, the storm that hit Oakland was anything but bad. Some students walked down the hill either to go home or to go buy something, due to the traffic, and some students were at school making use of their time.

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