Famous Poet Speaks to Skyline Students

By Noah Mitchell

Carlos Andrés Gómez

Carlos Andrés Gómez came all the way from New York to perform some of his popular works of poetry for select Skyline students during 5th and 6th period in the library.

“My primary medium is poetry, but a lot of my life is just going out and interacting with people performing stuff that i’ve written,” Gómez said, in an interview just before his May 9 presentation.

Gómez is an award-winning poet as well as a speaker, actor, author, and a writer. While being most known for his viral poems, which have millions of views on YouTube, he has also co-starred in Spike Lee’s Inside Man with Denzel Washington, Jodie Foster, and Clive Owen, and appeared on shows such as HBO’s Def Poetry Jam and TV One’s Verses and Flow.

“The most exciting thing I’ve ever done [in poetry] is I got to read a poem I wrote for my sister and I performed it for her for the first time at this festival in Berlin. It was a really really special poem about her struggles with dyslexia, and I had a really hard time learning how to read. It was a singular moment in my life to be in this room with her, and to gift her this poem that she didn’t know existed, in front of all these people in this really exciting moment of my life is my best highlight,” he said.

When it came to giving students advice on how to become a poet and write compelling poetry, Gómez commented, “When I think about a poem I think about, ‘What is nobody talking about? What’s the most urgent thing you are grappling with?’ And that’s where you should start when it comes to your process. Things that make you scared, unmoored, or disoriented. That’s a good place to start in your creative processes because there’s a lot of electricity there and those are the stories we need to tell.”

“I’m here to do some poems and then I’m going to chop it up with students,” added Gómez. One of the students he talked to after his performance was sophomore Eleanor Wikstrom. “I thought [his performance] was really good. I’ve seen one of his performances when I was in middle school, so I wasn’t really sure if he was going to do the same material or different. He did one of the same poems, but of course it was still good two years later. I like the content, I feel it is really relevant considering that a lot of things that are happening in today’s political climate and social climate. So it was nice to hear him tell his stories.”

Mr. Bloomfield, the school librarian who helped organize the visit, also got to talk about his experience hearing Gómez’ poems. “This is the second time that Carlos has come to speak to students here at Skyline and both times he’s shown himself to be an absolute professional. He captivates the room quite easily while being able to work with our weird Wednesday bell schedule, and it seems as though kids walk away from his presentations excited about poetry in a way that really you can only get if you’re seeing it live from the poet himself. He has excellent delivery and writes about things kids are interested in and I really hope he comes back next year.”

“Two years ago when he came, kids came up to me after and said, ‘Hey can we get him to speak at our graduation.’ Unfortunately, like now, it was in May that he came to speak, so it wasn’t enough time for him to be able to do that. However, he does speak at graduations, so for future students reading this article right now let me know if you are interested and I’ll contact him earlier in the school year,” commented Bloomfield.

You can visit his website @http://www.carloslive.com for more information on Carlos, his poetry, social media, and his performances including times and locations.

The Spring Fashion

CYMK cropped boy in blueMichael

Where do you like shop?

It doesn’t matter the store. If I see something I like something I might get it

Who/What inspires your fashion?

No one

How would you describe your style?

I describe my style as different, I try to buy things that other people don’t wear or don’t have

CYMK girl in overalls blouse


Where do you like shop?

LMAO I like to thrift shop

Who/What inspires your fashion?

I guess Kehlani cause she just wears what she wants and doesn’t care what other people think about her outfits

How would you describe your style?

Just comfy I guess. I kinda just wear whatever feels good to me even if it looks weird

CYMK justin



Where do you like shop?

I like to shop at H&M

Who/What inspires your fashion?

Asap Rocky

How would you describe your style?

My style idk i just wear what looks good on me.

CYMK girl w guitar



Where do you like shop?

I go to Forever 21, Crossroads, H&M, and ROSS! Never underestimate Ross LMAO them prices are unbeatable

Who/What inspires your fashion?

No one really inspires me I have my own style

How would you describe your style?

My style is just whatever comes to mind. Like sometimes the weirdest combinations turn into something cute as hell


The ‘Black Panther’ Experience

Look if you haven’t seen “Black Panther” yet then I don’t know what to tell you, besides GO SEE IT

by Noah Mitchell

The international box office numbers of over $1 billion should prove that everyone and their momma went to see that movie.

I even have first-hand experience after seeing it twice opening presidential weekend at Grand Lake Theater and AMC Bay Street.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many African American people in one place and both times, might I add, I saw at least five people from Skyline and other OUSD schools. And the screaming when OAKLAND came up was such a surreal feeling for everyone!



Black Panther is about to be the newly crowned King T’Challa, while still mourning the death of his father King T’Chaka, a week after the events of 2016’s Captain America: Civil War.

When Ulysses Klaue, a vibranium stealing public enemy of the Wakandan nation, is found working with a mysterious new enemy it’s up to Black Panther, his family and surrounding tribes, as well as Agent Ross to defeat an unlikely enemy that may have closer ties to Wakanda than they think.


The Protagonist

T’Challa is really not a relatable protagonist on the surface. Let me explain. He loses his father and becomes the king of a highly technological east African country while also becoming it’s sworn protector who runs around in such a tech savvy cat suit that it would make Iron Man drool in amazement.

Now that’s what makes his character so great, is that despite all of that he is still able to relate to audiences. He wants to live up to his parents’ legacy, not disappoint the people he cares about the most; he strives to keep his loved ones safe, and continues to not only help his own people but humanity as well.

These qualities mixed in with a little humor and family drama, coupled with the tough decisions he has to make that challenges him to become a strong man as well as a strong king is so enticing for anyone to watch while rooting for T’Challa.


The Villain

Killmonger, portrayed by Michael B. Jordan, is one of if not the best villain Marvel has brought to the silver screen to date. You know you have a great antagonist to the main hero when the villain’s reasoning for conquest makes themself look like the protagonist of the film.

What I mean is Killmonger’s backstory of his father’s death at the hand of T’challa’s father (the original Black Panther) influences his motivations so much to fight for the African race as a whole all over the world and give them the tools to better themselves that Wakanda has been hoarding for so long.

Even though Killmonger chooses death and to forfeit his plan, in the end what he was fighting for ended up coming into fruition when T’Challa opened Wakandan’s resources to the UN. This shows that despite the way he chose to try and achieve it, there was good intentions behind his actions, good intentions he was willing to die for.

Supporting Characters

Black Panthers supporting characters all have a distinct roles add that helps to move the film forward.

Zuri’s backstory and eventual sacrifice to save T’Challa, General Ross proving his loyalty to Wakanda repeatedly, W’Kabi desperately trying to catch Klaue while dealing with his wife, M’Baku and his gorilla tribe aiding in the final battle, Okeye and the Dora Milaje and the sacrifices they are willing to make to protect their country, Nakia and her mission to help the rest of the world while dealing with her relationship with T’Challa, Shuri and her essential role in developing tech and supporting T’Challa, and just tons more!

There wasn’t a single character who shouldn’t have been on screen.


Final Thoughts & Criticisms

The visuals in this movie are stunning, even subtle touches like how Wakanda is usually bright and has more exposure, while the other locations in the world they travel to are dark and have low light to symbolize Wakanda keeping to themselves, and out of unruly world affairs.

The African costumes and rituals are odd to watch at first, but becomes extremely interesting as you begin to understand the depth how rooted they are in the culture.

The quote on quote “white” people in this movie have a nice balance of letting the African actors be prominent throughout the movie at the foreground (as it should be), but not only being in the movie as a butt of uncultured white people jokes or just plainly labeled as ‘colonizers.’

Some knit-picks I still have with the film are how Vibranium is basically a fix-all magic plot device; why did Zuri have to die if there was Vibranium that could have saved him; and wasn’t there a third Black Panther suit — used in Civil War and then discarded for Shuri’s revamp — that could have been used in the final battle against Killmonger?

I give it a 9/10 because with “Avengers: Infinity War” coming out this year and it already passing Black Panther’s presale records in like an hour, I’m positive Infinity War will be a 11/10.

The Rise of Kpop: Global Sensation Lands in America

BTS Show at AMAs Was Next Big Step

By Allison Dang

While K-pop, or Korean pop music, has been slowly rising in the American entertainment market, the group BTS has broken through in a major way this year and gained mass popularity.

Debuting in 2013 as a group of seven boys, they have released four albums, the last two of which were big sellers.

BTS’ music mostly consists of hip hop and pop music. They are one of the most popular groups right now and have accomplished a lot for the industry.

They have become the first K-pop group to perform at the American Music Awards, they were invited to the Billboards Award and even won the Top Social award, where they happened to break and set new records on the charts.

They had appeared as guests on the Ellen Degeneres Show and performed on the Jimmy Kimmel Show. They have captured the hearts of many fans and gained so much support over time.

“It’s very catchy, they mad cute, and it’s very entertaining,” said a student from Skyline, who wished to remain anonymous.

When asked by Forbes magazine about how they felt to be the first K-pop act to be top 10 in the Billboard 200, Rap Monster, the leader of the group said:

“It’s still like we’re dreaming. The Billboard 200 Top 10 is not something [I thought] that we could achieve. I was born to. I feel like we’re so lucky and so grateful for the fans.”

It is a breakthrough for any K-pop group to gain attention from the American industry and be invited to big awards ceremony and shows with large followings.

BTS and other groups continue to grow and gain attention from international entertainments industry. Many groups such as Big Bang and Girls Generation who had debut earlier have a big following internationally and have achieved a lot.

Over the years, K-pop in general has made huge accomplishments and many groups have a following from everywhere in the world. It is amazing to see how different cultures come together in the form of music.

If you want to know more groups, check out Big Bang, EXO, Black Pink, and Girl Generation, who also have a mass international following.


Skyline Drama Wins Award

Winners were announced for the 2017 Broadway World San Francisco Regional Awards in January and Skyline’s production of “Prospect High: Brooklyn” was named Best Production Performed by Youth. Skyline’s drama students performed the new play during the 2016-2017 school year at Skyline, as well as  at several other venues in Oakland and Berkeley, and at Logan High School in Union City.

In addition, the play was performed by Skyline’s drama students at the Festival Fringe in Edinburgh, Scotland in August 2017

Dances Production Impresses with Variety

Delivers strong messages

By Janae German

\For those of you that missed the winter Dance Production show you missed out on a great performance of a variety of dance genres and different messages.

“Being as I’ve always been a person who really enjoys dance, when I see dance that makes me have an emotional response that’s how I know it’ something powerful,” said audience member Alexis Simmons.

“There was such a powerful message in the third act, ‘Elementary School’, the message was don’t let your vanity, your technology, and your emotions get the best of you because it had a bad guy, good guy type rule, and it was so amazing. This is my first production I’ve seen at Skyline, and I’m really enjoying it,”

The production had various types of dances, some featuring all of the dancers and some just having a couple, and most having their own powerful topic, such as pushing away the person you love.

“My favorite part of the play was seeing the kids energy in each dance,” said Ms. Dempsey.

Each dance performed was unique in its own way, but what really put the dances on top was all the dancers’ energy.

Each dance had its own mood and depending on which one it was, the performers’ energy matched. Watching the show was a great experience. All the performances were on point with the energy, emotion, and talent. So the next time they perform, make sure to catch it.

[More photos on page 11]


The Spring Beauty Guide

New Products: Hot or Not?

By Yasmin Saechao

The makeup world is always going crazy when brand new products are soon to be released. It’s like the whole community becomes chaotic. And while I understand the need to buy every single product from each one of these brands — lots of us might not be able to afford certain items and the luxury of splurging all the time, especially on such high-end products. So it’s also important for your bank account to take a break.

If anyone was planning on making a purchase from one of these brands, buying one of these products, or even if you didn’t know about any of these new upcoming launches — I’m here to provide some insight. Because let’s be real, while it’s nice to buy all of these products just for the sake of owning it or maybe because we get so caught up in the hype, feeling pressured to buy these new items — we don’t necessarily need all this makeup, especially when new things are always coming out — it’s likely that the makeup is going to end up in the back of a drawer somewhere, wasted.

I’m going to break down each one of these products listed and provide you all the information you need to decide which products are really worth buying. But keep in mind, I’m just breaking down the information and discussing the products.

I might not have the same opinion as someone else and that’s fine. I might like something or I might not like it at all but that does not mean you have to abide by my opinions.

These are just my personal recommendations based off of what I know about the companies and products I own, have tried, love or dislike from them.

The first thing I’m going to discuss is the Amrezy x Anastasia Beverly Hills highlighter, a metallic gold that was created in honor of beauty influencer Amra Olevez and ABH collaborating. It’s $28 and was released on the Anastasia website on Valentine’s Day, and retailers like Ulta Beauty or Sephora on March 6.CYMK anastasia highlighter on floral

It’s a beautiful shade and I’m actually planning on picking it up for myself. I love gold so when I saw the shade, I knew I wanted it. I love Anastasia’s other products especially their highlighters. They give you a glow without being too shimmery and having chunks of glitter in it. I definitely recommend this for medium, tan and deeper skin tones.

The second product is the Urban Decay Naked Petite Heat eyeshadow palette consisting of 6 neutral shadows, ranging from a matte white to orange and browns. Released Feb. 22, it is retailing for $29. But for the price, I definitely don’t think it’s worth it at all. For me, this is a pass. The shades aren’t new or anything unique especially since I’m pretty sure every girl or boy already owns similar shades in palettes that they already own.


But if you are really looking for a warm toned palette with reds and browns, for an additional $25, the Naked Heat palette would be great since the Petite Heat is practically the mini version of it.

The third thing is from Jeffree Star Cosmetics — the brand will be launching their entire Love Sick collection that will launch February 10th. But for the purpose of this article, I’ll be focusing on the Blood Sugar palette which retails for $52 and consists of 18 eyeshadows ranging from baby pinks to reds and a handful of purples. At first sight, the palette is really pretty especially because there are 18 shadows but the shade range is pretty similar. And, just like the Petite Heat, the shades can easily be found in other palettes for less or already in your makeup collection.


The Mystery of the Missing Golden Buddha

Who would steal a beloved decoration with only sentimental value?

By Viviana Gonzalez

If you’ve had ceramics class before, you probably know what the golden buddha is: A heavy clay statue, painted gold, sitting in an outdoor area called “the cage.” But in September, the Buddha was mysteriously stolen.

The theft, which might have otherwise gone unnoticed, was quite upsetting for the ceramics teacher, Ms. Salonga.

“It just breaks my heart knowing that somebody, or a group of people, came in and just took it,” she said, regarding the stolen Buddha, which was made years earlier by ceramics students and had become something of a visual icon between the 10 and 20 buildings. “I’m having such a hard time with it.”

Although she’s curious about who stole it and why, she decided not to pursue an investigation, preferring to  focus on her teaching.

“I don’t know what they got from [stealing] it, but I know what I learned from it is that y’all are teenagers. I’m just gonna have to handle it that way and show my students that we’re all gonna move past it. We’re just gonna create a new one, because life goes on.”

Although she wants to move on from the theft, she thinks it’s important to have students work displayed in her class. She plans to make a replacement for the Buddha next year, and has opened it up for students to help.

The sculpture is a depiction of the “Laughing Buddha,” a figure popular in Chinese and Vietnamese Buddhism and folklore, identified with contentment.