Dances Production Impresses with Variety

Delivers strong messages

By Janae German

\For those of you that missed the winter Dance Production show you missed out on a great performance of a variety of dance genres and different messages.

“Being as I’ve always been a person who really enjoys dance, when I see dance that makes me have an emotional response that’s how I know it’ something powerful,” said audience member Alexis Simmons.

“There was such a powerful message in the third act, ‘Elementary School’, the message was don’t let your vanity, your technology, and your emotions get the best of you because it had a bad guy, good guy type rule, and it was so amazing. This is my first production I’ve seen at Skyline, and I’m really enjoying it,”

The production had various types of dances, some featuring all of the dancers and some just having a couple, and most having their own powerful topic, such as pushing away the person you love.

“My favorite part of the play was seeing the kids energy in each dance,” said Ms. Dempsey.

Each dance performed was unique in its own way, but what really put the dances on top was all the dancers’ energy.

Each dance had its own mood and depending on which one it was, the performers’ energy matched. Watching the show was a great experience. All the performances were on point with the energy, emotion, and talent. So the next time they perform, make sure to catch it.

[More photos on page 11]


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