Unusual Sights’ Land Skyline on TV Shows

Different opinions on impact of phallic ‘art’ seen from helicopter

By Tanim Woodruff

When a once-in-a-lifetime hailstorm hit Skyline [see story, page1] before the start of school, it managed in just 7 minutes to blanket the campus with white cold stuff that was enough like snow to play with. While the slick roads were instantly impassable for over an hour, the few students that made it up and onto campus had a great time.

Maybe they had a little bit too much fun: When news helicopters covering the “unusual sights” turned their broadcast cameras to the icy field, live images beamed several obscene sketches into the homes of NBC Bay Area watchers.

One or more students, it turned out made a giant phallic design stretching from the 40-yard-line to nearly the goal line. A similar crude sketch of male genitalia could be seen at south end zone, as well.

Many students found it quite amusing, like senior Steven Wilson, who saw it through social media.

“I think its some of the funniest s**t to happen at this school in awhile,” he said.

It was likely not as funny to NBC Bay Area news, who shut off the video quickly after the giant dong appeared on screen.

“Take a look at this though, oh, we saw something there, sorry for that,” broadcaster Marcus Washington said, calm despite probably realizing the clip would go viral.

Sure enough, in the media-fueled world of today, the picture was picked up by none other than Jimmy Fallon, host of The Tonight Show, who used at the end of his opening monologue on April 17.

“Finally, after it snowed in Oakland, California yesterday, the local news decided to cover it from their helicopter,” Fallon said in his joke set-up. “But they wound up filming something a little . . . well, just watch what they got.”

After the clip, he ended the segment with a dirty joke: “Looks like it snowed at least six inches.”

So, Skyline had the eyes of millions looking and laughing at us for the actions of a few students, and not everybody was impressed.

“I mean it really doesn’t affect me, but do you guys really wanna be known for this. Its childish, and just kinda dumb,” asked Mr. Johnson, who was linked to the news video by one of his family members on Facebook.

Though not all staff members were as blasé about the snow art. Mr. Anderson expressed his displeasure: “I’m more sad than anything that our young scholars would do such a thing. I just hope our seniors will be respectable at graduation. We don’t wanna wind up on Jimmy Fallon again.”

Skyline’s most recent media appearance wasn’t the most flattering, but it did put a smile on many student faces here at Skyline.

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