Skyline Ice Day: Media Perspective

Skylines on the news weather it’s good or bad you decide.

by Tanim Woodruff

On April 16th Skyline had an unexpected weather event that shook the campus. At around 7:00 am it started to hail; now hail at Skyline is nothing new but the level and the amount that it hailed was amazing. It lasted for 7 min and blanketed not only the campus but all of Oakland. The few students that made it up before had a great time. Maybe they had a little bit too much fun. Few students, who have not come forward, made a giant phallic design in our football field. To many of the students they found it quite amusing, like senior Steven Wilson who saw it through social media.

“I think its some of the funniest s**t to happen at this school in awhile,” said Steven, a Skyline senior.

Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 2.01.59 PM.png

Though it was funny it see a giant penis made out of the ice on your football field, it was not funny to NBC Bay Area news. Their helicopter news video of the hail storm that hit the bay area flew over Skyline capturing the snow on our field. The decided to zoom in on the field in which the giant dong was on full view and the video immediately shut off. Of course in the media-fueled world of today the picture was picked up by none other than Jimmy Fallon.

Skyline had the eyes of millions looking and laughing at us for the actions of a few students. Mr. Johnson, who was linked the news video by one of his family members on Facebook had this to say. “I mean it really doesn’t affect me, but do you guys really wanna be known for this. Its childish, and just kinda dumb.”  Though not all staff members were as blaissez about the snow art. Mr. Anderson expressed his displeasure. “I’m more sad than anything that our young scholars would do such a thing. I just hope our seniors will be respectable at graduation. We don’t wanna wind up on Jimmy Fallon again.”

Skyline’s most recent media appearance wasn’t the most flattering put it did put a smile on the students here at Skyline.

Here is the links to the news and appearance on Jimmy Fallon:

The video is shown at 5:55 ;


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