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Crazy Titan Drivers

Rules are there for safety, but nobody follows them By Gisell Hernandez Noyola and Rejanea Rhone At Skyline High School, every student must have a valid driver’s license and valid car insurance in case of any emergency. Every student driver and staff must buy a parking pass, students […]

Too Many Green Academy Trips

Imbalance in opportunities By Tanim Woodruff Pathways: Most everyone in Skyline is a part of one. No matter if you are in Visual Performing Arts, Green, Computer Science, or Education we all look forward to one thing: the field trips. Some of us go for the learning experience […]

Letters To The Editors

Help with Supplies Dear Titan Times, I’m writing this letter to inform you about both a problem and a good thing at Skyline. First, the school needs to provide more school  supplies. I see many students that are poor, or the parents do not have enough money to […]

Lets Make Winter Break Longer

Two weeks is not enough is really recharge By Viviana Gonzalez If they’re making summer shorter anyway, why not make winter break longer? Many people say that summer break is too long. You start to forget the things you learned at school, don’t interact with as many people, […]

Cell Phones in Classroom

And what teachers have to say about it By Donovan Nutting Most schools have cracked down on a strict phone policy in recent years, finding more and more creative ways to keep those tiny little devices out of our hands and in our pockets. Every student has experienced […]