Too Many Green Academy Trips

Imbalance in opportunities

By Tanim Woodruff

Pathways: Most everyone in Skyline is a part of one. No matter if you are in Visual Performing Arts, Green, Computer Science, or Education we all look forward to one thing: the field trips.

Some of us go for the learning experience in an effort to gain more information in possible careers. Some of us go because it’s an escape from the mundane classes and pure boredom. Whatever your reason, it’s something we all look forward to; but have you noticed some pathways go on way more field trips than others?

We all have our biases, saying one is better or one goes on too many field trips. Though through the years, one has always stuck; Green Academy goes on way too many field trips.CYMK jellyfish Gr Acad ft

Why is it that they go on so many field trips? Many of us are quick to say, “They have so much funding.” Which is likely true, due to California prioritising the creation of academies it leads to bonuses to certain academies, specifically Green, Computer and Education.

Whatever the reason, they seem to have an unfair amount of resources for field trips. Though there is more to it than funding; they also have the most support from faculty and staff.

Since Green is such a large academy they have plenty of teachers to get trips approved and serve as chaperones on their way to a fun “learning adventure.”

All this culminates in what is seen as an unfair advantage to green students. With the trouble that Education and Computer go through to get their field trips, and the lack of any for the “Liberal Arts” non-pathway, the high criticisms doesn’t seem like bashing but honest emotions about the academy from the outside.  

If the same amount of time, energy, and money was provided all academies than this problem would fall away very fast.


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