Crazy Titan Drivers

Rules are there for safety, but nobody follows them

By Gisell Hernandez Noyola and Rejanea Rhone

At Skyline High School, every student must have a valid driver’s license and valid car insurance in case of any emergency. Every student driver and staff must buy a parking pass, students are to be parked at the bottom parking lot while teachers are left to park at the top parking lot.

Although there aren’t as many car accidents, all students are asked to drive safely and cautiously at all times. Even though in reality, most teenagers drive extremely fast outside of school. At times many teenagers don’t realize the dangers they put themselves and others when it comes to driving.

In some cases some students prefer to speed up a bit more than others and drive in extreme conditions. “Some students are safe some are speedy,” says Rodney Kirkpatrick, describing how he sees students driving skills. This is not only dangerous to them, but other students and other people. Although every student is encouraged to drive safely, there are others who follow their own rules

“Depends of what type of mood I’m in, Saturday/Sunday Funday we don’t stop, we drive recklessly,” says Hector Galan, a senior.

More than 32,000 people die every year in car accidents. Only 7 percent of those were teen drivers, however they accounted for 11 percent (about $10 billion) total cost of motor vehicle injuries.

Skyline student drivers are to drive safely coming up to school and leaving school. When asked about their driving habits, many students chose to remain anonymous because of their reckless driving.

“When I participate in sideshows, sh*t be wild,” a senior said.

Many teens participate in events called sideshows because of the style of the driving and to show off their driving skills.

When it comes to “swinging it” or “doing donuts,” many students would be graded with an A+ when it comes to stuff like this.

The majority of students at Skyline have not been in accidents thankfully, but they should be encouraged to always drive safely and follow the rules of the road.


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