Letters To The Editors

Help with Supplies

Dear Titan Times,

I’m writing this letter to inform you about both a problem and a good thing at Skyline.

First, the school needs to provide more school  supplies. I see many students that are poor, or the parents do not have enough money to buy their kids proper supplies. The government should give the schools more money for this, because it is  very needed.

Also, there’s 90 percent of students that waste supplies. There should be rule for students that do not care about school to not waste supplies.

Finally, I want write this letter to appreciate Skyline’s teachers and other staff members for their support on getting students on track this year.

I really got a lot of help from my teachers and campus leaders this year — much better than the last three years that I have been here. Thank you.


Maricela Lorenzo


Paint It Red

Dear Titan Times,

I would like to draw your attention to a problem at Skyline: The schools colors are red and white yet the whole entire campus is a dull green color.

If anything, the color emulates how the teachers and students feel about coming to school.

I believe that if we paint all the structures and lockers red, the school overall will have more pride.

It would bring a more lively look and remind everyone why we’re here everyday.


Mecca Boutte


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