Lets Make Winter Break Longer

Two weeks is not enough is really recharge

By Viviana Gonzalez

If they’re making summer shorter anyway, why not make winter break longer?

Many people say that summer break is too long. You start to forget the things you learned at school, don’t interact with as many people, and after a while you start to get bored. So what if they made summer a little shorter, and instead made winter break a little longer?

It makes sense; extend winter break to three weeks, which is a longer amount of time to recharge yourself after a stressful semester, and shorten summer break to eight weeks instead of nine.

Two weeks of winter break is just barely enough. Most students get assigned tons of homework, which can take up a lot of time. And a lot of people travel and see family over the holidays.

Because of this, students don’t get very much time to relax or have fun, which is really important after a whole semester of school work. If students don’t take breaks from school work they can become stressed out and unmotivated, which can affect their grades in the next semester.

Not only that, but after summer break, people usually have trouble coming back and remembering what they learned from the last school year. A shorter summer, combined with a longer winter would make students less likely to forget things over their breaks. This could help students improve their academic performance.

Although losing time in the summer doesn’t sound like the best idea, I think it would be worth the trade off if it means having a longer winter break. Summer feels long enough anyway, so if you had one less week it wouldn’t be a huge difference. The positive benefits of a longer winter break are worth considering this change in the future.

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