The Scary Senior Project

Elder reassures a nervous junior

By Aden Jibril

The prospect of a huge project at the end of high school is a bit daunting for us lowerclassmen, and some may just not think about it.

To many senior year is when your grades don’t matter anymore, and all you need to do to graduate is to get a 2.0. It’s a chance to do the minimum amount of work after an arduous sophomore and junior year.

As a junior, throughout the last few years we are told very little about the year-long project that we must do. Different academies have different ideas of what we should do, and what else they tell us is ambiguous at best. To clear some things up for me (and hopefully for you underclassmen), I asked senior Kayshawn Goodwin about his experience while working on the project. He said that in the beginning of the year he “thought it was gonna be hard, and I had realized it was an important project, but I didn’t think it would start in the first week of school.”

I thought senior projects would be stressful, but Kayshawn and a few others I spoke informally with only were “a little stressed”; so it does start early, but isn’t the worst thing in the world. For the seniors I talked to they weren’t too worried about it. However, according to Kayshawn, “right now it’s not hard, but when you start it will be a lot harder than you think.”

School is, to put it mildly, a nuisance for practically every being that exists on campus. I hope I’m not the only one who was a little nervous about senior projects, and hopefully someone else has had some questions or worries put to rest.


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