We Need Healthy Snacks Provided for Classes

Students who miss breakfast are starving by third period

By Simon Huang

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one that has this issue of being in class starving. It might be that breakfast or lunch isn’t enough or that we just happen to skip a meal in order to get something done. Maybe we sometimes just simply forget to eat.

Skyline should provide some snacks in class. I think this would help me as a student who sometimes, but not often, comes to school late, which leads to skipping breakfast in order to get to class. I know that students aren’t supposed to eat in class, but if students are responsible in not making a mess it would be fine. Going to class hungry can really hinder a student from focusing in class or being able to learn.

I notice that some students bring some junk food in class or even sell some on campus. This made me think how nice it would be for classes to provide some snacks to students. I wouldn’t eat any of the snacks the students sell because it’s mostly junk food. The school’s breakfast can only do so much for me because around 3-4th period I get hungry.

I remember last year we had fruits delivered to classes. I wonder what happened to those and why they stopped coming. I remembered that it had apples and oranges which were really good.

The only class I know that serves snacks is Ms. Rahmaan’s class.  In her class she always keeps a box full of snacks for her students. As one of her students, I definitely think that the snacks have helped me a lot.

Ms. Rahmaan, a history teacher, gets her snacks from the FRESH (Food Retail Expansion to Support Health) program, which she hosts on a daily basis.

“Students come in. Grab a bite to eat. Get up and put trash in the trash can and I don’t ever have to cleanup,” said Ms. Rahmaan.

It’s really impressive for her classroom to be as clean as it is without her having to pick up a single thing. Ms. Rahmaan has been providing snacks for the past four months because she wants to be able to help the students learn more, think more, be comfortable, and eat healthy.

It’s very important that schools take students’ needs to consideration when it comes to healthily eating. They should also promote healthy eating habits for students. Students need to be more responsible with their diet instead of eating too much junk foods. Overall, having snacks in class would just be a huge benefit for students.    

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