Play Seeks to ‘Ignite’ a Generation


In a world where the adult world seems to have gone crazy, this year’s drama program started their production season this past Thursday with the student written play Teens Igniting Change in the World.

By Janae German

Teens Igniting Change in the World is a play about youth activism focusing on feminism, gun violence, education, mental health, and bullying. Each activist such as: Malcolm London, Rebecca Darma Palin, and Rowan Blanchard having their own stories of each social issues in today’s society. These activists’ eventually being portrayed by students of Ms. Awele’s intermediate and advanced drama classes, with help from the students of the social justice class.

“We all got to pick an activist that we agree [with],” says Avelina Rivezzo-Weber, who plays feminist Rowan Blanchard.

Everyone student in 1st and most students in 4th became the playwright of Teens Igniting Change in the World. The students researched different activist until they found an activist that they were interested in. After choosing what activist they wanted, they wrote their stories for the play.

“ It’s like a play inside a play,” described Carlita Landrum, who starts off the play with a song.

The main goal of the play was to get the audience more aware and have an understanding of youth activism.

“ We hope the audience will become more knowledgeable and passionate about youth activism after watching the play,” said Avelina Rivezzo-Weber.

The play, Teens Igniting Change in the World, was a great show to watch and is a great way to tell teens to not sit back and let events unfold. It showcases that it’s okay to stand up and fight for what they believe in.

You can make a difference in the world. Let your voice be heard, because your voice matters.


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