Athletes of the Month

 by Nasim Al-Jabri and Leroy YauCYMK Salazar PhotoJanissa Salazar has advice for freshmen: “Just take [school] seriously and don’t joke around in class.” She says her greatest strength is being smart, and that her weakness is, “I get mad very fast.” Her greatest accomplishment was when “I made it to NorCal in my freshman and sophomore year for golf.” She handles stress by “trying to forget about it.” What will she do if she finds $10 million? “GO SHOPPING!”

CYMK Bess PhotoWe asked Jordan Bess a few question about herself and what inspires her. She said one of her greatest experiences is playing in the national championship volleyball tournament with her team. “I am a hard worker,” Bess said. She handles stress by hanging out with her friends. She is also in a relationship. Finally, she added, “My role model is my mother because she became successful all by herself.”

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