Return of La Raza

Club celebrating Latino culture is back on campus

By Kimberly Abarca

La Raza is a club at Skyline that was brought back last year and continues to grow. First established by Ms. Elias back in 1998, the new version of the group  is led by senior Nathalie Reyes and meets during lunch every Tuesday.

As of this reporting,  15 students had already joined the club.

Students in La Raza talk about their culture and social problems. The purpose of the club is to represent the latino culture and get more people involved in its  traditions.

La Raza, which can be translated as “The People,” takes its name from the activist Chicano (Mexican-American) movement of the same name, which joined other civil rights organizations in the 1960s and 1970s to demand a more just, equal society.

Reyes, the club president, explained La Raza members come up with ideas for ways to participate on campus, whether it be for Hispanic Heritage Month, Titanpalooza, or the club’s annual cultural assembly.

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