Violence Flares at Tech Game

Fights break out during event, but tension started earlier

By Noah Mitchell

When the Titans play the Bulldogs and vice versa, it’s a pretty big deal on both campuses. Especially during football games. Hype and tension usually build up leading into the biggest game of the season, but this time it was overwhelming and ended up with total chaos.

“The conflict that developed during the game had its roots earlier in the week, as players from the two teams started directing taunts at each other via social media,” explained the principals of Skyline and Oakland Tech in a joint statement addressed online to the communities of both schools.

“The low point prior to the game was when four players from Tech went to Skyline during lunch looking to fight some of their rivals. Those four players were banned from playing — and even attending — the game Friday night.”

As senior Josh Ahanonu, a team captain [and a Titan Times Sports Editor], recounted, “Some players from Tech game came to Skyline talking mess until [Assistant Principal] Carson came and wrote their names down and reported them.”

By the 2nd second quarter, the score was 7-6 in favor of Skyline. The crowd was pumped up for their team as usual. However, a student, who wishes to remain anonymous, recounted a few moments that kicked off the mayhem.

“There was a dispute between a Tech parent and coach which caused a long pause where all the players from both teams knelt on the field,” the student said. “This left room for two students to brawl behind the bleachers.”

Later in the letter, Ms. Bloom stated that,  “At the game, the rivalry became far more than just a  friendly competition, as fans took matters into their own hands and the two teams could not keep their emotions under control.”

Finally, with talk of a shooting  nearby possibly being linked to the  tension surrounding the football game, the principals said this was not the case.

“Lastly, we wanted to inform all of you that there was a shooting near the neighborhood after the game that was not connected to the issues at the game and is being investigated by the Oakland Police Department.”

Fights break out during event, but tension started earlier


By Noah Mitchell

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