Skyline Walks Out Against School Shootings

Staff, students make signs, hear speeches

By Noah Mitchell

In light of recent events at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, students from all over the United States joined together to rally against gun violence. In a sense to walk out and say, ‘We will not tolerate this anymore, this issue must stop!’

During 3rd period, teachers gave 15 minutes and supplies to students and the outcome was ammazingly creative, loud, expressive posters, banners, and picket signs with #Enough as an overall slogan. Then all students and staff walked to the field and held their artworks proudly as ASB president, Nadia Brooks, gave an extremely heartfelt speech dedicated to those who lost their lives and how it is never ok for anyone to have to deal with fear of violence in schools.

She also spoke about the laws that need to be changed surrounding guns in today’s society, and even broke into tears while speaking about why she hopes this never happens to her brother or anyone at Skyline.

Overall this walk out was needed, not only to support students all over the world or open the eyes of Skyline students to these threats, but to help end the generations of mass shootings in schools and to provoke change.

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