Men’s Volleyball Founded

Oakland Athletic League Launches Men’s Circuit

By Leroy Yau

Skyline finally has a men’s volleyball team at last. Long an organized sport for girls, the Oakland Athletic League (OAL) had a push to start up a league for the boys. There was enough interest, and the girls coach, PE teacher Ms. Hansen agreed to coach the team, so the Titans will be part of the founding season.

“During the summer, I went to open gym in Chinatown and over time I enjoyed volleyball,” said co-captain Eric Ly, who was excited to find out that Skyline would have its first team in recent memory. For Ofa Paua, he had played the sport before and was glad to join a team “since all my sisters play volleyball.”

So far, in the preseason, wins have been hard to come by but they are getting some good experience and learning the rules of league volleyball.  

The team goal for this season, Ly said is, “I hope the team will have some basic skills with everything in volleyball.”

Paua was more ambitious: “We are trying to win all our games.”

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