Tennis Team Is Robbed

By Paul Phelan and Noah Mitchell


While people may disagree on whether Titanpalooza was fun or not, most people can agree that business was good, helping clubs, sports teams, and other groups make hundreds of dollars to support programs.

“We made a total of $500,” said Antwan Adams, working at one of the stands with long lines.

However, there was one major exception to the good news, the tennis team. Sales of boba tea were booming — until somebody stole all their revenue.

According to an athlete who wished to remain anonymous, the thief was standing in front of the stand, and the members of the club thought he was going to buy something. Instead, he grabbed their money envelope and ran off.

“I don’t know exactly, but [they took] around $300,” she said. Unfortunately, nobody was able to recover the money, as it was passed around by multiple students. The student who initially stole the money was a freshman, according to the tennis club members.

Leadership was in charge of the event, and heard what happened. Fortunately for the team, Leadership generously was able to repay around $150, about half of what was lost.

Despite the compensation for the losses, this theft and others raises the question what can and will be done to prevent future occurrences like these?


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