Titan Trio Participate in Sports Signing Day

Seniors sign letters of intent for scholarships

By Ms. Rivezzo

It is estimated that 1.9 million students participate in high school athletics across the country and only 6.5 percent of them go on to play at the NCAA college level.

On National Signing Day, Feb. 7, Skyline was one of the few schools in the Bay Area that had three seniors receive and sign letters of intent to NCAA football programs and either receive full or partial scholarships.

“This type of accomplishment from Skyline student-athletes is an example of how successful students on the hill can be if they take advantage of all the resources our school has to offer,” said Skyline Football Coach Joe Bates.

Naseme received a full scholarship and will attend Weber State in Utah this fall.

Ronald also received a full scholarship and will attend Lincoln University in Missouri this fall.

Joshua received a partial scholarship and will attend Black Hill State University in South Dakota this fall

In addition, senior Steven Lopez was awarded the Tony Fardella Pride Scholarship. Steven will soon be making a decision about where he will attend school this fall.

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