Engineering Club Builds ‘Solar Suitcase’


To be sent to poor nation for village power

The Engineering Club has just finished building a “Solar Suitcase” that will get sent abroad to developing villages to act as a more reliable and stable power source for important facilities.

The We Share project sends these suitcases, built by students, to locations around the world. These suitcases provide incomparably useful electricity to places that previously had no reliable access.

Previous suitcases have gone to schools in refugee camps in Kenya, to a women’s community center in Peru, and hospitals around the globe.

The students are really proud of building this, and are excited to have the opportunity for their skills to have a global impact.

But the final step in this project relates to the funds required to send this suitcase abroad and includes quality testing, shipping, hiking it to the village, and teaching the local villagers to maintain it.

The club is now working on raising enough money to send the suitcase abroad.

Read more and learn how you can help send the suitcase to a community in need at:

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