Winter Ball at the Oakland Zoo

By Noah Mitchell

If you did not attend Skyline’s Annual Winter Ball 2018, you missed out on a great time!

This year, it was held in the Snow Building at the Oakland Zoo from 8 to 11pm. The dance floor was sprinkled with lights and the DJ table was wired up and ready to go.

The multiple food tables were covered in everything from chicken tenders to some amazing fruit juice, even chocolate fountains. The tables were beautifully decorated and placed indoors as well as outdoors, and the view of the late night city was perfect for pictures and stargazing.

Bottom line was leadership did an outstanding job. When it came time to dance, however, only about fifty people had shown up. There was sort of a silent panic as the realization struck that no one else would show up.

When the DJ started getting down and everybody gave up on more people coming, one by one, people began to dance the night away as a tight-knit group.

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