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Mandarin Classes Eliminated

Admin cites lack of interest By Noah Mitchell Skyline has offered Mandarin classes for many years, but it seems like that will finally come to an end for the 2018-19 school year. Some students are upset that one of Skyline’s three world languages will no longer be taught […]

Bizarre Ice Storm Causes Mayhem

Slippery roads prevent buses, parents & staff from arriving By Janae German You might expect for schools in New York and Chicago to have snow days, but when something similar happens in Oakland, no one expects it and no one is prepared. Ice covered the ground all over […]

La Raza Unida Assembly

   La Raza comes to Skyline Highschool!! On May 22, 2018 during 3rd and 4th period we had La Raza Unida perform in the auditorium of Skyline. The performance was greatly loved and applaud by students. The assembly show cased the different variety of hispanic culture, displayed by […]

Prom 2k18 Photos

The day of prom has come!! For the class of 2018, prom took place at San Francsico Design Center Galleria on May 5th. Prom is one of the most memorable high school event and for Seniors at Skyline, they get to show their individuality and style. Keep scrolling […]