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Lines are a Mess

Students should be able to get their food quickly, safely By Simon Huang Let me tell you how much I hate waiting in the lunch line. One issue I have with the lunch line is that it’s crowded. It makes me uncomfortable from the number of people I […]

Violence Flares at Tech Game

Fights break out during event, but tension started earlier By Noah Mitchell When the Titans play the Bulldogs and vice versa, it’s a pretty big deal on both campuses. Especially during football games. Hype and tension usually build up leading into the biggest game of the season, but […]

Free Meals for All

More eating, but longer lines By Janae German Who doesn’t love free food? Well, Skyline is offering. This year Skyline is giving out free breakfast and lunch daily to ALL students, and not just those from low-income backgrounds. The access to free food offers the entire campus a […]

Teacher Faced Fire

Mr. Johnson lives in destruction zone By Rejanea Rhone When massive, deadly fires raced across North Bay counties ahead of hot winds this October, Skyline students mostly paid attention only through the news, or because of the smoke pollution that drifted down to Oakland over the next weeks. […]

Tennis Team Is Robbed

While people may disagree on whether Titanpalooza was fun or not, most people can agree that business was good, helping clubs, sports teams, and other groups make hundreds of dollars to support programs.

“We made a total of $500,” said Antwan Adams, working at one of the stands with long lines.

Popular Coach Remembered

This  past summer, Skyline lost a beloved staff member and alumnus, PE teacher and coach Carlo Tateo. Early on the morning of June 18, Father’s Day, Tateo  was gunned down by an apparent stranger outside a San Francisco nightclub.

“He was a very caring person who is truly missed,” said Coach Salazar.

The Spring Beauty Guide

New Products: Hot or Not? By Yasmin Saechao The makeup world is always going crazy when brand new products are soon to be released. It’s like the whole community becomes chaotic. And while I understand the need to buy every single product from each one of these brands […]