Lets Make Winter Break Longer

Two weeks is not enough is really recharge

By Viviana Gonzalez

If they’re making summer shorter anyway, why not make winter break longer?

Many people say that summer break is too long. You start to forget the things you learned at school, don’t interact with as many people, and after a while you start to get bored. So what if they made summer a little shorter, and instead made winter break a little longer?

It makes sense; extend winter break to three weeks, which is a longer amount of time to recharge yourself after a stressful semester, and shorten summer break to eight weeks instead of nine.

Two weeks of winter break is just barely enough. Most students get assigned tons of homework, which can take up a lot of time. And a lot of people travel and see family over the holidays.

Because of this, students don’t get very much time to relax or have fun, which is really important after a whole semester of school work. If students don’t take breaks from school work they can become stressed out and unmotivated, which can affect their grades in the next semester.

Not only that, but after summer break, people usually have trouble coming back and remembering what they learned from the last school year. A shorter summer, combined with a longer winter would make students less likely to forget things over their breaks. This could help students improve their academic performance.

Although losing time in the summer doesn’t sound like the best idea, I think it would be worth the trade off if it means having a longer winter break. Summer feels long enough anyway, so if you had one less week it wouldn’t be a huge difference. The positive benefits of a longer winter break are worth considering this change in the future.

The Scary Senior Project

Elder reassures a nervous junior

By Aden Jibril

The prospect of a huge project at the end of high school is a bit daunting for us lowerclassmen, and some may just not think about it.

To many senior year is when your grades don’t matter anymore, and all you need to do to graduate is to get a 2.0. It’s a chance to do the minimum amount of work after an arduous sophomore and junior year.

As a junior, throughout the last few years we are told very little about the year-long project that we must do. Different academies have different ideas of what we should do, and what else they tell us is ambiguous at best. To clear some things up for me (and hopefully for you underclassmen), I asked senior Kayshawn Goodwin about his experience while working on the project. He said that in the beginning of the year he “thought it was gonna be hard, and I had realized it was an important project, but I didn’t think it would start in the first week of school.”

I thought senior projects would be stressful, but Kayshawn and a few others I spoke informally with only were “a little stressed”; so it does start early, but isn’t the worst thing in the world. For the seniors I talked to they weren’t too worried about it. However, according to Kayshawn, “right now it’s not hard, but when you start it will be a lot harder than you think.”

School is, to put it mildly, a nuisance for practically every being that exists on campus. I hope I’m not the only one who was a little nervous about senior projects, and hopefully someone else has had some questions or worries put to rest.


Cell Phones in Classroom

And what teachers have to say about it

By Donovan Nutting

Most schools have cracked down on a strict phone policy in recent years, finding more and more creative ways to keep those tiny little devices out of our hands and in our pockets. Every student has experienced it one way or another. Those times when even doing as little as having it sit on your desk can be enough to drive teachers absolutely nuts.

However dramatic it is, teachers dislike phones; but for fair reason. With the insurgence of social media platforms that have appeared over the past decade, it’s easier than ever to stay connected with friends. When the phone comes out, it’s almost always to Snap a friend or keep a streak rather than to look up something actually insightful.

With how easily distracted students can get via their phones, we leave ourselves with no grounds to argue the potential benefits they can have if they are allowed in class.

The current phone policy in classes is inhibiting in many ways, especially with how far and beyond teachers go with enforcing them. No matter the reason, be it to check a notification, do some quick math, or even to handle an emergency, most teachers hiss at the very sight of phones being pulled from pockets.

The perception of phones being absolutely bad has been engraved in teachers brains, it seems, as no excuse can prevent one from sternly requesting that you hand it over to them for the rest of the period, an unnecessary punishment that honestly does no good for either party. There are some however, that do realize the potential that cellphones have.

“Cell phones are a tool, that when used properly, can provide so much.” These are the words of Mr. Johnson, an 11th grade history teacher with a notoriously strict phone policy. When asked about the prospect of cell phone usage in the classroom, he had surprisingly good things to say.

They can be used for calculating math, using the dictionary, or even looking up quick facts that can make learning class content easier for everyone. However, the lack of “deep critical analysis” and easy distractions that they provide is just too big of an issue to be solved with any other solution than to keep them stored away.

Mr. Johnson even feels as strongly towards the policy that he encourages Skyline take up methods used by San Leandro schools, and have phones actually collected and stored away by the school to be returned to students at the end of the day.

Phones have the potential to be hugely beneficial for us, and as long as we can be responsible with them, there should be no limitation on academic phone usage.


The Spring Fashion

CYMK cropped boy in blueMichael

Where do you like shop?

It doesn’t matter the store. If I see something I like something I might get it

Who/What inspires your fashion?

No one

How would you describe your style?

I describe my style as different, I try to buy things that other people don’t wear or don’t have

CYMK girl in overalls blouse


Where do you like shop?

LMAO I like to thrift shop

Who/What inspires your fashion?

I guess Kehlani cause she just wears what she wants and doesn’t care what other people think about her outfits

How would you describe your style?

Just comfy I guess. I kinda just wear whatever feels good to me even if it looks weird

CYMK justin



Where do you like shop?

I like to shop at H&M

Who/What inspires your fashion?

Asap Rocky

How would you describe your style?

My style idk i just wear what looks good on me.

CYMK girl w guitar



Where do you like shop?

I go to Forever 21, Crossroads, H&M, and ROSS! Never underestimate Ross LMAO them prices are unbeatable

Who/What inspires your fashion?

No one really inspires me I have my own style

How would you describe your style?

My style is just whatever comes to mind. Like sometimes the weirdest combinations turn into something cute as hell


The ‘Black Panther’ Experience

Look if you haven’t seen “Black Panther” yet then I don’t know what to tell you, besides GO SEE IT

by Noah Mitchell

The international box office numbers of over $1 billion should prove that everyone and their momma went to see that movie.

I even have first-hand experience after seeing it twice opening presidential weekend at Grand Lake Theater and AMC Bay Street.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many African American people in one place and both times, might I add, I saw at least five people from Skyline and other OUSD schools. And the screaming when OAKLAND came up was such a surreal feeling for everyone!



Black Panther is about to be the newly crowned King T’Challa, while still mourning the death of his father King T’Chaka, a week after the events of 2016’s Captain America: Civil War.

When Ulysses Klaue, a vibranium stealing public enemy of the Wakandan nation, is found working with a mysterious new enemy it’s up to Black Panther, his family and surrounding tribes, as well as Agent Ross to defeat an unlikely enemy that may have closer ties to Wakanda than they think.


The Protagonist

T’Challa is really not a relatable protagonist on the surface. Let me explain. He loses his father and becomes the king of a highly technological east African country while also becoming it’s sworn protector who runs around in such a tech savvy cat suit that it would make Iron Man drool in amazement.

Now that’s what makes his character so great, is that despite all of that he is still able to relate to audiences. He wants to live up to his parents’ legacy, not disappoint the people he cares about the most; he strives to keep his loved ones safe, and continues to not only help his own people but humanity as well.

These qualities mixed in with a little humor and family drama, coupled with the tough decisions he has to make that challenges him to become a strong man as well as a strong king is so enticing for anyone to watch while rooting for T’Challa.


The Villain

Killmonger, portrayed by Michael B. Jordan, is one of if not the best villain Marvel has brought to the silver screen to date. You know you have a great antagonist to the main hero when the villain’s reasoning for conquest makes themself look like the protagonist of the film.

What I mean is Killmonger’s backstory of his father’s death at the hand of T’challa’s father (the original Black Panther) influences his motivations so much to fight for the African race as a whole all over the world and give them the tools to better themselves that Wakanda has been hoarding for so long.

Even though Killmonger chooses death and to forfeit his plan, in the end what he was fighting for ended up coming into fruition when T’Challa opened Wakandan’s resources to the UN. This shows that despite the way he chose to try and achieve it, there was good intentions behind his actions, good intentions he was willing to die for.

Supporting Characters

Black Panthers supporting characters all have a distinct roles add that helps to move the film forward.

Zuri’s backstory and eventual sacrifice to save T’Challa, General Ross proving his loyalty to Wakanda repeatedly, W’Kabi desperately trying to catch Klaue while dealing with his wife, M’Baku and his gorilla tribe aiding in the final battle, Okeye and the Dora Milaje and the sacrifices they are willing to make to protect their country, Nakia and her mission to help the rest of the world while dealing with her relationship with T’Challa, Shuri and her essential role in developing tech and supporting T’Challa, and just tons more!

There wasn’t a single character who shouldn’t have been on screen.


Final Thoughts & Criticisms

The visuals in this movie are stunning, even subtle touches like how Wakanda is usually bright and has more exposure, while the other locations in the world they travel to are dark and have low light to symbolize Wakanda keeping to themselves, and out of unruly world affairs.

The African costumes and rituals are odd to watch at first, but becomes extremely interesting as you begin to understand the depth how rooted they are in the culture.

The quote on quote “white” people in this movie have a nice balance of letting the African actors be prominent throughout the movie at the foreground (as it should be), but not only being in the movie as a butt of uncultured white people jokes or just plainly labeled as ‘colonizers.’

Some knit-picks I still have with the film are how Vibranium is basically a fix-all magic plot device; why did Zuri have to die if there was Vibranium that could have saved him; and wasn’t there a third Black Panther suit — used in Civil War and then discarded for Shuri’s revamp — that could have been used in the final battle against Killmonger?

I give it a 9/10 because with “Avengers: Infinity War” coming out this year and it already passing Black Panther’s presale records in like an hour, I’m positive Infinity War will be a 11/10.

The Rise of Kpop: Global Sensation Lands in America

BTS Show at AMAs Was Next Big Step

By Allison Dang

While K-pop, or Korean pop music, has been slowly rising in the American entertainment market, the group BTS has broken through in a major way this year and gained mass popularity.

Debuting in 2013 as a group of seven boys, they have released four albums, the last two of which were big sellers.

BTS’ music mostly consists of hip hop and pop music. They are one of the most popular groups right now and have accomplished a lot for the industry.

They have become the first K-pop group to perform at the American Music Awards, they were invited to the Billboards Award and even won the Top Social award, where they happened to break and set new records on the charts.

They had appeared as guests on the Ellen Degeneres Show and performed on the Jimmy Kimmel Show. They have captured the hearts of many fans and gained so much support over time.

“It’s very catchy, they mad cute, and it’s very entertaining,” said a student from Skyline, who wished to remain anonymous.

When asked by Forbes magazine about how they felt to be the first K-pop act to be top 10 in the Billboard 200, Rap Monster, the leader of the group said:

“It’s still like we’re dreaming. The Billboard 200 Top 10 is not something [I thought] that we could achieve. I was born to. I feel like we’re so lucky and so grateful for the fans.”

It is a breakthrough for any K-pop group to gain attention from the American industry and be invited to big awards ceremony and shows with large followings.

BTS and other groups continue to grow and gain attention from international entertainments industry. Many groups such as Big Bang and Girls Generation who had debut earlier have a big following internationally and have achieved a lot.

Over the years, K-pop in general has made huge accomplishments and many groups have a following from everywhere in the world. It is amazing to see how different cultures come together in the form of music.

If you want to know more groups, check out Big Bang, EXO, Black Pink, and Girl Generation, who also have a mass international following.


Skyline Drama Wins Award

Winners were announced for the 2017 Broadway World San Francisco Regional Awards in January and Skyline’s production of “Prospect High: Brooklyn” was named Best Production Performed by Youth. Skyline’s drama students performed the new play during the 2016-2017 school year at Skyline, as well as  at several other venues in Oakland and Berkeley, and at Logan High School in Union City.

In addition, the play was performed by Skyline’s drama students at the Festival Fringe in Edinburgh, Scotland in August 2017