Letters To The Editors

Help with Supplies Dear Titan Times, I’m writing this letter to inform you about both a problem and a good thing at Skyline. First, the school needs to provide more school  supplies. I see many students that are poor, or the parents do not have enough money to […]

Lets Make Winter Break Longer

Two weeks is not enough is really recharge By Viviana Gonzalez If they’re making summer shorter anyway, why not make winter break longer? Many people say that summer break is too long. You start to forget the things you learned at school, don’t interact with as many people, […]

The Scary Senior Project

Elder reassures a nervous junior By Aden Jibril The prospect of a huge project at the end of high school is a bit daunting for us lowerclassmen, and some may just not think about it. To many senior year is when your grades don’t matter anymore, and all […]

Cell Phones in Classroom

And what teachers have to say about it By Donovan Nutting Most schools have cracked down on a strict phone policy in recent years, finding more and more creative ways to keep those tiny little devices out of our hands and in our pockets. Every student has experienced […]

The Spring Fashion

Michael Where do you like shop? It doesn’t matter the store. If I see something I like something I might get it Who/What inspires your fashion? No one How would you describe your style? I describe my style as different, I try to buy things that other people […]

The ‘Black Panther’ Experience

Look if you haven’t seen “Black Panther” yet then I don’t know what to tell you, besides GO SEE IT by Noah Mitchell The international box office numbers of over $1 billion should prove that everyone and their momma went to see that movie. I even have first-hand […]

Skyline Drama Wins Award

Winners were announced for the 2017 Broadway World San Francisco Regional Awards in January and Skyline’s production of “Prospect High: Brooklyn” was named Best Production Performed by Youth. Skyline’s drama students performed the new play during the 2016-2017 school year at Skyline, as well as  at several other […]